How to Design Your Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Online

Posted on 20th July 2021

Aluminium bi-fold doors with integral blinds

Order Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Online.

When you order your aluminium bi-fold doors from South East Doors Online, you know that you are buying premium doors at fabulous prices.

Our doors feature all of the quality features that you would expect including:

  • Slim frames for minimal sightlines.
  • Excellent insulation values.
  • Maximum weatherproofing.
  • High-Security Features.

In addition to the latest technology, the way that you configure your doors will affect your enjoyment of them. Simple things like the placement of the master door will make all the difference.

Let’s run through the options in our online aluminium bi-fold door designer. Of course, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you choose the best configuration. Contact South East Doors Online.

Step 1. What size is your opening?

Navigate to our online designer where you will see the first page that asks you to enter the size. For quotation purposes, it is not essential that the size is accurate. You can get an idea of price and double-check the size before ordering.

For this exercise, I have chosen 3600mm for the width and 220mm for the height as that is fairly typical.

The size of your aluminium doors may depend on what is there already.  If you are building an extension or a new house, you may have more choice.

Points to remember.

If you want space for curtains, furniture or kitchen units, remember to leave some wall space. There is no point in covering glass with curtains. It’s better to sit them against the wall and have space for the pole or finials. If you are planning a kitchen, you will not want to take units right up to the glass.Door configuration options for aluminium bifold doors - enter sizes

Step 2. How many leaves should your Aluminium bi-folds have?

Each door can be up to 1200mm wide and fewer doors means a lower price. You want your doors to look great though. You will be looking at them for many years and they may even help you if you decide to sell your house. It’s best to choose the size that looks balanced for your home. You can click on the options to see the visual and the price will change accordingly.

In the example below, I chose a four-door option, that would give the most balanced look in my opinion. The original size was 3600mm so the doors are roughly 900mm each.

Where should the master door be?

Once you’ve decided how many doors your bi-folds should have, the next choice is where to place the master door. Although it may seem obvious to place the door in the centre, consider the path that you will use through the room. If you have to walk around furniture or a kitchen island, you may prefer the door at the side.

Also consider, once you open the door, where you will be stepping out to. Will you want to get to the door quickly to let the dog out, or run out to the children if you see them fighting in the garden. Will opening one end or the other, direct a draught into the kitchen or somewhere that you sit?

The position of your master door will not affect the price.

Door configuration options for aluminium bifold doors

Step 3. Inward or outward opening doors?

The next step is to choose whether you want your doors to open inwards or outwards. Most aluminium bifold doors open outwards into the garden as, usually, that’s where there is most spare space. Think about how they will look when they are stacked. This may also have a bearing on which side you choose to have the master door. Either choice will not affect the price.

Aluminium bifold online door designer inward or outward opening doors

Step 4. Doors Slide Left or Right.

In the next step, you will choose the direction. If you have selected a master door at the end, you will have the option of right or left. If the door is not at the end, each section will naturally go left or right. There is no additional charge for your aluminium doors whichever you choose.

Step 5. Choosing a Colour for Your Aluminium Bi-fold Doors.

Our standard colours are anthracite, black and white. You can choose from 51 RAL colours if you wish to match up an alternative colour. Most people choose the same colour as their windows but this is not essential.

Door configuration options for aluminium bifold doors - choose colour

Step 6. Standard Glass or Low E Glass.

Low E glass is standard glass with a coating that helps to reflect heat away from the glass when it’s hot outside and helps to stop heat escaping when it’s cold.  Low E glass makes your home more energy-efficient, potentially saving you money on your heating bills, and performs better than standard double glazing. In this configuration, the additional cost is £24.

Door configuration options for aluminium bifold doors - low e glass

Step 7. Integral blinds for bi-fold doors.

Blinds have been a potential problem for aluminium bi-fold doors in the past. External blinds have often got wet when the doors have been left open in the rain. Vertical blinds hung from above the doors are often caught by children and dogs running in and out of the house. Curtains work if there is room at the sides but you don’t want to close them on sunny days.

The best solution for shade, convenience and extra thermal insulation is integral blinds. These blinds are fitted during manufacture inside the double glazed unit. No dangling cords and they stay clean. The Venetian blinds are operated by a rotational cord winder attached at the top of the inside pane of the double-glazed unit. A continuous cord loop drives an external magnet to raise and lower the blind. The cord is held lightly under tension by a cord tensioner and fully complies with the British Blind and Shutter Association – ‘Make it Safe’ campaign. 

Choose from white silver or for a softer almost invisible look, choose brushed silver.Aluminium bi-fold doors online designer - integral blinds

Step 8. Choose Your Bi-fold door Furniture.

Your choice of handles and hinges are included in the price. Bi-fold doors are designed to fold as neatly as possible and handles are sleek and modern to blend rather than stand out as a feature. Still, you want them to be sturdy enough to hold onto. We’ve designed your new aluminium bi-fold doors to be smooth and easy to manoeuvre and that includes the handle design. Choose from black, white or chrome. Most of our customers choose the same colour for handle and hinges but the choice is yours.


Aluminium bi-fold doors online designer - handles and hinges

Step 9. Finishing touches.  

If you need any help with this section, please give us a call. The trickle vents add approximately £25-£30 per door but apart from that, the price doesn’t change very much at this stage unless you want an option that is not standard.

Aluminium bi-fold doors online designer - finishing touches

Step 10. Confirming the price of your aluminium bi-fold doors.

Once you have completed your online design, you will be given a final price for your aluminium bi-fold doors, based on the information you’ve given. You don’t need to worry that you have committed to an order or that you may have made a mistake. The quote will come through to us and we will get in touch to make sure all of the details are correct before giving you a firm quotation. If you want to come back to the quote, click ‘save for later’ and you can enter your email. You can use this to log back in later.

Our expert team are always willing to help and advise. Please call or request a call back if we can be of assistance.

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